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Taking a shortcut to make your software work properly is a bit like walking across a frozen lake: it saves plenty of time until the ice starts to crack. LG's currently suffering from a similar sort of oh shit moment as it learns that one of its display utilities may have exposed countless PCs to m...

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April 9, 2015 at 11:30AM
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While President Obama signs off on the future of space exploration, NASA is on the move, developing new ways to get a look at the fourth planet from the sun. We've seen our share of rovers (and one sweet hopper) in this space, and now the gang at the Langley Research Center is hard at work on a roc...

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Nestled somewhere between a rollable keyboard and 103-key monster on the portability spectrum you'll find this compact, MC88 keyboard from Japan's UAC. It measures in at 337×143×31-mm (13.3×5.6×1.2-inches) and for whatever reason, they say it's for the "MacMini" although the...

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