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Mary Jo Foley had us all fired up about the potential of Microsoft's mysterious Menlo, but it appears that the project's not yet a groundbreaking mobile OS -- it's just a prototype slate. Menlo V1 made its cameo debut in a Microsoft Research paper destined for MobileHCI 2010, where it's listed as a...

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August 9, 2010 at 9:02AM
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While most of the recent buzz surrounding Medion has focused on the firm's UMPC efforts, it's rolling out a pair of stylish navigation systems for a nice change of pace. The GoPal S2310 and X4510 (pictured after the jump) purportedly utilize NAVTEQ maps and come in a trio of flavors, including ME (M...

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Remember that peculiarly named, but otherwise damn fine odd-i P10 PMP you all (ok, ten commenters) liked so much? Well, odd-i just one-upped themselves by sprinkling in a bit of SiRF Star III GPS with a dash of Win CE 5.0 and christening the new chubster P11N. What's more, all the goodness that is ...

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