Prepare to be terminated: The Kibertron

kilberton android

Three plucky young nerds in Bulgaria have formed a company to build a fully functional android. A man-sized, fully-functional andriod, not some piddly little 3 foot high midget. Not only does the robot look Terminator-esque, but it's been designed to mimic the muscle system of a human (with bone-crushing strength, of course) and will be programmed with a semi-autonomous AI so that the android can learn new tasks, all of which is just a little too much like the Terminator for our comfort. Of course, this all looks and sounds really scary, but if a 1000 robot-obsessed Japanese scientists haven't been able to build any normal-looking androids this big that don't fall over and don't require a gigantic power backpack of batteries, it's tough to believe that three crafty Bulgarians will do it. So if they are successful, we'll get very, shall we say, nervous. And if they start working on a satellite network to control the androids, then we all go over there and level the factory before anything bad happens. Agreed?

[Via Near Near Future]