Nikon updates D70, intros the D70s

Nikon D70s

Along with the new D50, Nikon is rolling out an upgraded version of their D70 DSLR, the D70s. The image quality should be identical, as the new unit has the same CCD sensor and imaging pipelining as the original. The major changes introduced include improved auto focus accuracy, wider flash coverage, larger capacity battery, a 2-inch LCD monitor, and re-designed menu interfaces. Interestingly, Nikon isn't leaving D70 owners totally out in the cold, and will be introducing a firmware update in mid-May that will bring some of the featureset of the D70s to the D70, as well. The D70s will come as a kit bundled with an 18-70 mm lens for $1199, with the body alone retailing for $899. Expect it to start shipping in early May.