Patent proposes RFID tags with VIN info

simpsons hit and run

Anyone who has ever been hit by another driver who then fled the scene knows how frustrating hit-and-run accidents can be; unless you have a solid witness or some good forensic evidence, most of these crimes are never solved. Well a patent application slithering its way through the patent office approval maze proposes a unique solution for catching automotive scofflaws: install RFID chips that contain VIN information in every new car. The propsed system incorporates chips with a maximum range of eight inches, to allay privacy concerns, and are only activated during an accident. So even if a hit-and-run driver speeds away, their VIN number will have been recorded by the victim's RFID tag reader, which can then be read by police. Guess this means that we're gonna have to start leaving windshield notes every time we "brush up" against someone else's ride from now on.