Siemens jumps on the e-paper bandwagon

Siemens e-paper

Don't know about you, crew, but over here at Engadget HQ we're growing impatient waiting for the promise of e-ink, e-paper, portable flexible displays, etc. to pay off. Much as we want it, seems like all we keep hearing are "coming soon" promises from bizzes who've supposedly got the tech in the can, but are waiting to commercialize the product. Latest to pimp their own ultrathin display solution is Siemens, who claims their new color screens are quite actually paper thin, and that they actually cost relatively little to manufacture—£30 ($52 US) per square meter. That's still a bit much for newspaper use, of course, so it looks like they want us to hold out until 2007 on this one, when they suppose it'll be a little more affordable in mass market pricing. Just so long as our Pizza boxes can call us "stupid cannolis," by 2010, we'll be fine.

[Thanks, Stephen]