More useless USB devices from Boynq

boynq junq

Yes, we're big fans of just about anything you can connect to a USB port. But even we have our limits, and the latest line of desk accessories from Boynq is severely testing them. After all, do we really need a speaker/pencil box/tape dispenser/USB hub combo? Or a set of highlighters with integrated hub? Or a USB-powered speakerphone/post-it holder? About the only thing in Boynq's latest line that seems to at least try to merge form and function — rather than having a dubious relationship with the former and precious little of the latter — is the USB Strip, a power strip-style USB hub, which spaces the ports nicely so you can actually use them all. And, no, we really would prefer not to even dwell on the Toastit, Boynq's toaster-shaped memory card reader.

[Via I4U]