iBIT U250 Windows CE smartphone

The iBIT U250 is--sadly--a Korea-only smartphone which runs on that rarest of Windows mobile (but not Windows Mobile) operating systems, Windows CE.NET version 4.2, but has some nice features that might make it a winner over here as well. Like the Sony Ericsson P900 series, the iBit sports a flip down keypad which covers part of its 2.8-inch, 320 x 240 LCD, and rocks a 400MHz Intel PXA273 processor, not to mention dual-mode car/pedestrian GPS. The lack of WiFi is somewhat balanced by the inclusion of EV-DO, but phones without Bluetooth are definitely not an option for us. We're quite impressed by the internal storage, however (64MB RAM, 512MB Flash ROM), as well as the two megapixel camera. It may also be the only phone we've ever seen that comes pre-loaded with text-to-speech software for what we can't imagine to be a great audio-book listening experience (think: Tuesdays With Morrie meets OK Computer). Click on a few more shots...

[Via Phoneyworld]