The Micro Windmill Mobile Charger

How many times have you been out and about when your cellphone dies, and there you are without a spare battery, disposable battery, travel charger, car charger, solar charger, or Eton phone-charging emergency radio? Well if Indian grad student NV Satyanarayana has his way, we'll soon have yet another charging device to leave at home when we need it most, the Micro Windmill Mobile Charger. This tiny collection of tubines converts wasted wind into useful talk time (a la certain Japanese taxis) with blades just 5-centimeters long, and is also said to be capable of charging laptops, portable game consoles, and DAPs. So far the MWMC is still in the development stage, but if you start seeing an unusual number of people walking around wearing propeller beanies with cables snaking down their faces, you'll know that this device has made it stateside.