NES Zapper Mouse for PC Duck Hunt fun

We love watching modders in their neverending quest to repurpose old Nintendo peripherals in new and exciting ways, so we thought it was pretty clever when Auburn University engineering student and PowerGlove Mouse inventor Brandon Morgado used the same gyroscopic mouse properties from his first hack to jury-rig an NES Zapper light gun for playing Duck Hunk emulators on his PC. Much simpler than the PowerGlove hack (i.e. no circuit diagrams or multimeters needed), the NES Zapper Mouse merely requires rewiring the gun's trigger to control the left-click of a gyro mouse, which is rather inelegantly duct-taped to the barrel (but like Morgado himself claims, he's an engineer and not an artist). Hey Brandon, since this could theoretically be used to control the aim on any game, what do you think about combining an old PowerPad with a keyboard for the total NES-themed immersive FPS experience?

[Via Joystiq]