GDC: Notes on (and in) Brain Age

Nintendo gave away copies of their upcoming DS title, Brain Age, following Satoru Iwata's keynote Thursday morning. Included in the special GDC edition* was the above note, urging all of us to be ambassadors, if you will, of Nintendo's ideology of inclusive gaming.

Having only been back in Philly for a half day now, my girlfriend has already logged a couple hours training her brain: math puzzles, drawing, reading aloud, and--of course--sudoku. The goal is to achieve the ideal "brain age" of 20; I began at 30 (not far from my real age of 26), my girlfriend encountered a slightly steeper learning (not being a lifelong gaming-nerd) giving her an unrepresentative brain age of 74. After retrying the test, she achieved the more accurate score of 34.

I plan on continuing my daily training in Brain Age, charting my progress, competing with my girlfriend, and reporting it all here. First impressions: Nintendo has another hit on their hands.

*see below for the specially embossed package. Actually, it's really just a sticker. Brain Age is due to be released April 17th at the discount price of $20.