Who runs GDC? Air Hockey Ninjamaster runs GDC! (Update 1)

This photograph comes from Suite Night, a Thursday night GDC ritual in which conference sponsors lease out rooms in the neighboring Fairmont hotel the better to ply conference attendees with food and alcohol.

So who is this fellow? We don't know. Andrew "Android" Jones, concept artist for Nintendo's Metroid series. He was far too intensely focused on remaining the reigning champion of Suite Night air hockey to answer our questions as to his identity. His laser focus, flashy garb, and completely over-the-top air hockey moves, however, give us some clues as to his genetic stock: one part Antonio Banderas, one part Bruce Lee, one part Brian Boitano, two parts ninja.

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Your eyes do not deceive you. Air Hockey Ninjamaster was indeed wearing some very special wrist brace designed for quick and easy access to writing instruments, probably to make it easier for him to satisfy autograph requests. Or gouge opponents in the eye. Or both.

Next up, a profile shot.

[Update 1: A reader wrote to tell us that this fellow is none other than Andrew Jones, concept artist for the Metroid series.]