PimpStar rims for the opinionated driver

When it comes to communicating with pedestrians and other drivers while behind the wheel, some methods are clearly more effective than others -- for example, a vehicle based P.A. system will get you noticed far quicker than a handwritten note slapped against the window. Even better still, in our humble opinion, is expressing yourself in full-color with a set of Dub's new "PimpStar" rims (other Dub models: Big Homie, Dirty Dog, Ganja Floater, and C.R.E.A.M. -- Cash Rules Everything Around Me), which sport a strip of LEDs down each spoke that display the message of your choice while you're rollin'. Far doper than either the TireTagz or taxi-mounted ad floaters that we've seen before, the PimpStar wheels incorporate a microprocessor and wireless modem so you can configure your picture, logo, or message from your laptop while you're driving (although the rest of us would prefer that you utilitize the slideshow option instead). We'll agree that $19,500 is a lot for a set of wheels and tires, but we'd also argue that nothing impresses both the homies and the hunnies quite like twenty-six-inch rims blazing the bright blue "e" logo as you creep down the mean streets of Silicon Valley or Silicon Alley pumping the latest podcast. Make sure to follow the Read link for a pretty crunk vid of these crazy rims wildin' out.

[Via Leftlane News, thanks to everyone who sent this in]