Yahoo!, RIM partner on Blackberry content

RIM and Yahoo! have taken CTIA as occasion to formally announce their courtship, which will result in tighter integration of popular Yahoo! features such as email, IM, and search into the Blackberry operating system. Perhaps the biggest benefit to users from this partnership will be the ability to push Yahoo! email messages onto Blackberry devices, while maintaining a sync with the online mailbox, and delivering them to an interface that is already familiar. Furthermore, Messenger will receive enhanced features like emoticons, Yahoo! calendar and address book data is promised to be more accessible, and the Blackberry launcher will sport a button for opening the browser to a certain non-Google search engine. After the rollout of these initial services, Yahoo! and RIM will introduce a version of Yahoo! Go for Mobile, which will bring even more juicy search and information features to our favorite 'Berry (no offense, Chuck).