Microsoft to Apple: Happy Birthday!

happy birthday apple

What a grand gesture. Five more years of Office wasn't enough, so Microsoft went the extra mile and released a fully-functional, virtualization app called VirtualPC XP for Intel Macs... Nah! I'm just kidding. They popped a JPEG up on their site saying how happy they have been to ride on the coattails of an innovator for the past 22 years. Or something like that. You can see the birthday card from the Microsoft MacBU to Apple here. It could have been worse. They could have said: "After 22 years, and a decade-long headstart on the GUI, you are still #2." I'm thankful for small favors. Truth is, Apple should be thanking Microsoft for sticking through the lean times. Oh, and that infusion of cash a few years back didn't hurt (awkward to witness though). So thanks Microsoft, now where's that new version of Virtual PC, hm?

[thanks to Derrick G. for sending this in]