Commence rampant PSP part deux speculation!

We've already had a fair share of PSP revision B speculation (flash memory, hard drive, mini form factor], and the weeks leading up to the annual gaming gala known as E3 will only bring more. We have here the first two entrants:

The reputable Shacknews claims the PSP follow up is "a successor rather than a redesign of the current system" while acknowledging recent rumors of a redesign. They're saying hard drive is in, UMD is out, and the system is known simply as the "PSP 2." Oh yeah, they say it "may" appear "in the next three years." While this may be accurate information, that's like saying we're pretty sure there's gonna be a PlayStation 4.

The much more dubious source of New Tech Spy claims a shamelessly DS-esque touchscreen PSP (or PSi, for interactive, get it?) will introduce a smaller form factor, a bevy of wireless capabilities (WiFi, WiBro, UMTS, EVDO, WiMax), and maybe even some transmutational powers to turn that pesky lead into shiny, shiny gold. Yeah, we're skeptical.

[Thanks, SuicidalMuskrat and boots]

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