Aibo to join Robot Hall of Fame

To the list of those whose extraordinary contributions to our culture were not recognized during their lifetimes -- think Vincent Van Gogh, Franz Kafka, Joey Ramone -- let us now add a coda for a creature whose existence was cut short far too early, but who will now be memorialized in a most fitting way: Aibo. Sony's late, lamented robotic dog will soon enjoy a place of honor in Carnegie Mellon University's Robot Hall of Fame, sharing the accolades with such other luminaries as Asimo, the Mars Pathfinder and Astro Boy (the Hall of Fame honors both real and fictional robots). The induction ceremony (which will also include Gort of "klaatu barada nikto" fame) will be on June 21. We only -- sob -- wish Aibo had made it just a little longer, to enjoy this honor.