AT&T's new Hi-Def Homezone box

Engadget reported last month about AT&T's Homezone IPTV service which is meant to help them compete with the cable companies. The service is basically DISH Network, movie downloads from Movielink, misc programming from Akimbo, and DVR functionality in a single 2Wire-built box. Thanks to a great tipster we now have some great pictures as well as some interesting specs which were also shared with our friends over at Engadget.

2Wire's latest HD box includes all the home networking goodness and connections any HD lover could want and combines it with some interesting new services. The STB is a DISH DVR with dual tuners and two room support, but also allows you to watch Movielink movies, enjoy Yahoo Photos (Flickr?) and Akimbo shows. As compared to previous models it will now include HDMI and maybe even WM9 and WiFi; we should know more when it's officially announced.

The remotes are the most interesting and yes, there are two of 'em. One is for the main room which is IR and the second room (nope, no HD for them) is RF. The interesting part is that they have a keyboard on them like some PDAs. Love them or not, they will come in handy with all the interactive content.

If AT&T gets to this to market in July, they could be the first to pull off this convergence thing we have all been hearing so much about.