Apple promises to investigate "iPod City"

Even though the veracity of that Daily Mail story about supposed substandard working conditions in several Chinese iPod factories is still up in the air, the Apple PR machine has already begun rolling out something of a damage control campaign, issuing a statement that reemphasizes the company's commitment to internationally-recognized manufacturing codes of conduct. Citing protocols outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and by the International Labor Organization, Apple stressed its own supplier code of conduct's commitment to safe workplaces, environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, and most importantly to the issue at hand, ensuring that workers are treated with respect and dignity. Instead of flat out denying the Mail's claims, however, Apple seems to be adopting a more contrite approach, claiming that it is "currently investigating the allegations regarding working conditions" in the Hon Hai-owned plant. We're happy to see that Apple has taken notice of this story and is concerned with the folks who are vital in bringing their products to market, but the real test is whether we'll ever actually hear anything else about these factories once the company has completed the promised investigation.

[Via iLounge]