TechFaith's i320, SLVR, and Universal rips

You know, we might have done another TechFaith keepin' it real fake post, but honestly we don't really see the point. Oh sure, TechFaith is totally knocking off these other guys with their phony Q and Hermes and so on, but when they showed off their new fake i320, SLVR, and Universal at CommunicAsia this week, we started to realize not only were these guys moving at lightning speed emulating these phones, they were also improving them. The SLVR rip has an impressive 512MB integrated flash memory; the i320-alike uses Pocket PC -- similar to their Q ripoff, and differing, of course, from both the original devices which are stuck with Smartphone; we'd imagine the faux-Universal won't have a VGA display or some of those other ultra high-end niceties, but damned if they don't have the twist n' swivel display in a form factor smaller than the original. TechFaith Wireless, we think you're about one post away from getting your own category on Engadget Mobile.