KT and Microsoft develop $200-$300 "managed PC"

Korea's largest telecom company KT recently announced that it has partnered with Microsoft to develop a low-cost "managed PC," although the level of Microsoft involvement is unclear beyond, we'd presume, providing the software. Unlike other low-cost PC initiatives from Intel and, of course, the OLPC, KT's effort looks to primarily be a network-based thin client, which'll give users access to a variety of applications and multimedia content when connected to KT's servers. KT is also touting the security benefits of the PC, which it says will be less vulnerable to viruses and whatnot since all the management is done at the server side. Unfortunately, that's about all KT seems to be saying about the device; we don't even know whether it's a laptop or a desktop, let alone what sort of specs it has. (If we had to guess, we'd estimate it's probably a chunky CRT with an anemic networked embedded box and ports enough for your basic input devices.)