Last minute Apple rumors roundup

Ryan Block
R. Block|09.12.06

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Ryan Block
September 12, 2006 6:24 AM
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Last minute Apple rumors roundup
Man, Steve really must have people in a tizzy, the rumor mill is still glowing bright even at two in the damn morning. Up today we have:
  • Apple New Zealand supposedly leaks 50GB / 80GB iPod dock adapter kit for Universal Dock system. Oook.
  • TUAW has what could be (but probably isn't) Steve's itinerary, which highlights a new nano, widescreen video iPod, and the TubePort, a streaming home theater movie device that connects your TV to your computer via USB and grabs movies hosted by Apple.
  • Core 2 Duo MacBook Pros, of course. (We were really trying not to say natch that time.)
  • Updated nanos with larger capacities, battery lives, differing colors, and aluminum posteriors.
  • iTunes 7 and 10.4.8 will be released.
  • Ok, that's more or less it right now.
So that's not a lot, but we weren't going to write those up (even though they're a little too good to leave alone). Stick close for more, it's gonna be a busy day -- and feel free to hit us up with your late breaking rumors in comments!

[Thanks, Graham & dawnraid]
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