LG's VX9900 caught in the wild?

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Thomas Ricker
September 14, 2006 9:16 AM
LG's VX9900 caught in the wild?

Ok, you know the drill by now. HowardForums has a purported shot (on left) of the thinner, sexier successor to the VX9800 communicator, the LG VX9900 we first trolled from the FCC (pic on the right) back in May. We're still hoping for this QWERTY clam to roll on Verizon sometime this month as reported by our own Boy Genius or sometime between September 29th and October 13th according to the rumor jockeys ridin' the HoFo. Hell, let's just say any day now and leave it at that mkay?

[Thanks, Scott and Sunny]

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