Infrant Repertoire Digital Media Server

Known for their ReadyNAS network server, Infrant is making a move for your living room with the Reportoire Digital Media Servier for home theaters. The Repertoire, like their ReadyNAS, features an X-RAID array of Seagate DB35 DynaPlay-enabled hard drives and comes in both 2TB and 3TB versions for $3,999 and $4,999, respectively. Also inside the machined aluminum case is a gigabit network port along with out-of-the-box support for Windows MCE, InteracTV, Squeezebox and Transporter, Sonos, as well as the Windows, OS X, UNIX, and Linux Operating systems (though the latter-most is most likely made possible because of a browser-based interface). While we haven't had a chance to play with the thing yet, the specs look nice; the price, however, is questionable for the high-end averse, and the unit's usability has yet to be proven.