Joystiq's "Most impressive gamer" winner

At Engadget, most of us are what you'd call casual gamers, given that on occasion, we love to kick back with a round or two of "Civilization IV" whenever we need some R&R. That said, we're lightyears away from Kevout -- the guy that just won Joystiq's contest of "Most impressive gamer rig" -- who just took home a new copy of "Dead Rising" for the Xbox 360. He's got a 32-system setup (only 21 of those consoles are actually connected), that ranges from a Commodore 64 to an Xbox 360, accompanied by a total of 568 games; amusingly, since he blows all his loot on videogame hardware and software, he had to scrounge that disgraceful CRT out of a dumpster. We assume that once Kevout gets his paws on a PS3 he'll have achieved gamer nirvana. Until the Wii comes out, that is.