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iTunes 7.0.1 points to the iPhone, life moves on

iTunes 7.0.1 points to the iPhone, life moves on
Cyrus Farivar
Cyrus Farivar|September 28, 2006 1:34 PM
Throwing an iPhone rumor to the gadget-obsessed is a fair bit like burning paper in a fireplace -- sure, things will flare up for a few seconds, but shortly thereafter the flames calm back down again. We recently caught wind of the fact that the new iTunes 7.0.1 update is packed with a bunch of text strings that say things like:" 4301.022" = " ^0 was not copied because the video format is not supported by the mobile phone ^1 ."; and so forth, implying that an iPhone is forthcoming. Now remember, we've seen similar language embedded in Apple software before, but we've yet to see an actual product, although the internet's Magic 8 Ball as of late seems to be pointing to Macworld Expo 2007. But then again, we've heard for months now that our friends in Cupertino are working on such a device, with everyone and everything from analysts to patent filings saying as much; so we're just hoping that Apple is waiting until it's good and ready to release it. For all you Apple and iPhone fanboys, take a moment to do a little jig, and then resume your daily routine.

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