Apple's iPhone to launch as Cingular-exclusive?

According to some juicy and totally unverifiable rumoring by Think Secret, Apple is prepping their "still totally unconfirmed but fairly likely to happen" iPhone as a Cingular exclusive for when it launches next January. The exclusivity, which will expire mid-2007, doesn't seem incredibly far-fetched given the ROKR exclusive Cingular scored last year -- not that it worked out too terribly well for them. Apple is also purportedly in talks with other carriers across the world, but no word if O2 is going to score the Europe exclusive again. Think Secret is also sticking with their story in regards to specs: a 2.2-inch display and 3 megapixel camera, and we figure we might as well throw HSDPA into the mix given the predicted Cingular launch. The word from "insiders" is that Apple is estimating shipments of 25 million or more iPhones in 2007 alone, which seems quite optimistic given the fact that Moto's RAZR took two whole years to hit the 50 million mark, but when it comes to Apple and potentially fabricated launch deets and market predictions, we suppose the sky's the limit.