Jobs boasts of Apple iPod cellphone?

Apple rumor dredgin' site AppleInsider just hocked-up another canard for those of you feeling a bit shorted following WWDC 2006. AI reports that the obsessively closed-mouthed Steve Jobs is so giddy about the oft speculated iPod cellphone that he's been blow-harding its merits amongst personal acquaintances. Sources touting an "unblemished track record" in predicting Apple's future and familiar with the device's "ongoings" claim that prototypes have already been released to two potential OEM manufacturing partners with a "big bang" launch coming earlier than expected -- catching even industry insiders (such as themselves?) off-guard. Certainly analysts and believers alike have all but convinced themselves that some kind of iPhone device (like that pictured to the right) with or without an MVNO is a certainty. Still, it's hard to believe that Jobs would break character in such loose-lipped fashion even if they weren't sitting around doing nothing.