Apple joins consortium, iPhone rumoring churns

Thought you could slip one past us, didn't you Apple, just like you did with BAPco? Well, let's be fair, it wasn't entirely a low profile day for Khronos, the media software consortium that Apple just joined today along with the likes of Dell and Google (among others), and we do know it's not so much like insular Cupertino to lower the drawbridge and send out envoys to industry groups with goals as nebulous as creating open APIs for the "authoring and playback of rich media on a wide variety of platforms and devices." Other Krhonos members of note include, well, just about every major tech company around, but since that also includes names like Symbian, Motorola, Samsung and so on we'll hold on tight to the iPhone angle. Because really, at this point it's just easier than spending yet more time with the tea leaves and divining stick.

[Via iPodWizard, thanks to everyone who sent this in]