How to clone yourself a VeriChip

Just how it seems VeriChip has moved their implantable RFID tags from executives, to law enforcement, to soldiers -- and we're sure their next step is every baby born in the US as the child exits its mother's womb -- the ability to hack the chips has quickly made its way into the hands of the common man as well. Jonathan Westhues has posted up a tutorial for building your very own VeriChip cloner that lets you point and clone with the greatest of ease, stealing at whim the identities of all those foolish security conscious enough to wear an RFID tag within their flesh. We won't get into all the technical details involved in sticking it to the man in such a way, but the hack really doesn't look too incredibly hard as far as these things go, and it's not like you had anything better planned for a Tuesday night, right?

[Via MAKE]