Mister Tipster desktop RSS ticker

We're still waiting for someone to create an RSS reader that spits out feeds like a vintage paper stock ticker, but until that cool-but-admittedly-wildly-unpractical day comes, it looks like we'll have to settle for something like FeedVision's Mister Tipster. Hooked up to your Windows XP-based PC, it'll keep track of all your RSS feeds, displaying headlines one at a time on its four-line LCD display, with three configurable blinkin' lights that can be set to flash when a word or phrase is detected. Ok, so it may not be as au courant as the Optimus mini three, with its fancy OLED displays, but you can get your Mister Tipster in your choice of three different colored displays: dark blue text on a gray background, yellow text on a black background, or the classic Game Boy color scheme above. It will, unfortunately, cost you almost as much as the mini three, with the Mister Tipster setting you back $135 at the current sale price, or $150 after October 31st.