Nortel promises faster, MIMO-based WiMAX

Nortel has unveiled what it claims to be the industry's first end-to-end mobile MIMO-powered WiMAX solution at the WiMAX World USA 2006 trade show in Boston this week, promising faster speeds and greater subscriber capacity than other WiMAX solutions. According to the company, its gear will deliver speeds three times faster than non-MIMO WiMAX options with twice the subscriber capacity, as well as greater range and building penetration in urban areas. The company's also touting the cost savings of its solution, with less network infrastructure required for coverage meaning more money in the fat pockets of network operators. No word on when we might see any of this actually put into widespread use but the first MIMO-based WiMAX devices, developed in conjunction with Runcom Technologies, are set to be available in mid-2007.

[Via Digital World Tokyo]