Bandai's NetTansor: the WiFi webcam on wheels

We loves us a good robot 'round here especially when dubbed the "net tongue sir," the hotly anticipated followup to the "net tongue vogue." Ok, ok, it's just the machine translation acting up again, but from the looks of it, Bandai is set to literally rollout the NetTansor WiFi webcam on wheels starting December 16th for ¥50,000 (about $421). This 802.11b/g bot features bidirectional voice communication and a triptych of forward facing sensors with image recognition to avoid smashing into things for up to 2.5-hours of voyeuristic mayhem. However, at 290-mm/11.4-inches high and 980-grams/2.2-pounds in chub, he's not the sneakiest bot in the world. Now please, as always, keep this and all robots away from your man-parts.

[Via Impress]