FCC spills beans on O2 Xda Graphite

If we were to play a game of word association and you said "Windows Mobile," we'd be likely to blurt out "HTC" in response. That appears to be just the kind of attitude ASUS is looking to adjust -- at least in Europe, anyway. After the VDA IV popped up via the FCC a few days back, its O2-branded sibling followed hot on its heels, bringing all that same 3G Windows Mobile Smartphone joy in a candybar form factor. Stand-out features include 128MB of Flash with 64MB of RAM (a lot of modern Pocket PCs get by with those kinds of numbers), a legit 3.5mm audio jack, front-facing cam for video calling, and of course, those UMTS data speeds. Hey ASUS, any chance you folks would mind investing in some 1700MHz radios?

[Via CoolSmartPhone]