The Economist chats up the Wii's potential

International news magazine The Economist is not where we expected to find the Wii. After all, The Economist is where we find out about the invisible rich in the U.K. and Macedonia's consideration for membership in the European Union. It's serious news and our beloved Wii is, after all, about serious fun. But if Nintendo succeeds with the their plan for the new console, it will affect a global market that will only grow with that success, and when it's big business news, The Economist is there.

The quick look over Nintendo's goals for the Wii -- and how they compare to the DS - offers those of us who live and breathe gaming daily an interesting look from the outside of the market. But the long and short of it is that Nintendo doesn't see the point of being crowned king of a shrinking market when the whole world is out there. And if their old-but-new viral marketing (hey, try this!) strategy works, the gaming market will be stretched, perhaps even broken wide open. And everyone is watching to see what happens. In that, dear readers, we are not alone.

[Thanks, Special_K!]