Mac mini Portable - Tablet Edition

Peter Green, who introduced us to the Mac mini portable (MMP) - a battery powered Mac mini rig with an 8-inch LCD, has turned out a new MMP: The Tablet Edition. Also known as the Mac Mini Portable MK III (MMP MKIII), based on the Intel Core Solo 1.5GHz Mac mini.

Peter says: "This thing is smaller than a MacBook or anything else made by Apple! It's got a 3 hour battery life, integrated 8" touch screen tablet, full Blue Tooth, Airport, full SPDIF audio in/out and Front Row capabilities, on screen touch keyboard - no hardware keyboard required and has it's own stand!"

It's a cool project and impressive from a technical standpoint and yes - I want one - but it's not the most aesthetically pleasing rig, of course. The MMP MKIII is roughly the same height as the original Mac mini, but a tad wider to accommodate all the parts and for better ergonomics. The battery is upgradeable and Peter says "if someone can write me Intel drivers for my webcam - it'll have a built in iSight too!" That sounds like a dare to me.

Check out Peter's website for lots more pics, details on how he made the case (plastic sheeting panels and a gas cooker ignition lighter) and how the electronic components were assembled. Great work, Peter!

Thanks, Jonathan!