HD movies, TV shows coming to Xbox Live

On November 22, the anniversary of the Xbox Live Marketplace, Microsoft will be offering high-definition television shows and movies for download. The offerings span a large demographic, from CBS and Nascar to Adult Swim and MTV (yes, "Pimp My Ride" will be included). Movies include, Nacho Libre, Superman Returns, and the original Jackass: The Movie. The TV shows will be download to own, while the movies will only be rentals.

The move is impressive, though we can't help but worry about the disk space -- our tiny 20 GB HDD is not going to hold that much. The press release talks a lot about downloading, but what about streaming? Can we watch part of the program while we download it? And, most important of all, how much will these cost? We'll kidnap our trusted sources and let you know what we get out of them. You can view the current list of upcoming titles here.

Microsoft is bringing HD-quality movies to the 360 without requiring the purchase of the external HD DVD drive. Will Sony follow suit or keep all HD cinema / television bound for Blu-ray?

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