Sirius InV SV2-TK1, a new in-dash receiver

So the internets are predicting a new low-end Sirius dash receiver on the horizon. The InV SV2-TK1, according to Orbitcast, sports a simple design with a "three-line display (artist, title, channel), 10 channel presets, a one-touch Jump Button, parental controls, 100-channel built-in wireless FM transmitter and a real-time clock." However, Electronista tells us that users won't be able to use the universal Sirius plug-and-play connector, sadly. While the receiver should be available soon, our pricing info is conflicting, with those sites quoting the MSRP as being $50 and $60, respectively. Still, it's no slick Stiletto, but it'll get you your Stern, sans problème.

[Thanks, Jonathan]

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