Hed Kandi's candy-colored MP3 player

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Hed Kandi's candy-colored MP3 player
U.K. record label Hed Kandi is looking to extend its reach from the dance floor to your pocket with its latest offering, a self-branded MP3 player pre-loaded with a few of its own tracks. It's hard to see anyone but the most devoted fans throwing down the pounds for this one though, with the player demanding quite a premium for otherwise lackluster specs. For £69.99 (just over $130), you'll get 512MB of built-in memory, an OLED display of unspecified size, voice recorder functionality, and support for MP3s and WMAs (DRM, too), with a promised 12 hours of playback from the rechargeable battery. If that doesn't dampen your Hed Kandi obsessiveness, you can snag one of these right now.

[Via Shiny Shiny]
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