Bandai's game-playing portable music player

While neither its game-playing or music-playing abilities would likely be enough to cut it on its own, Bandai is hoping the combination of the two will be enough to attract some attention to its latest device here, set to launch in Japan this month. In addition to storing 120 minutes of audio on low quality or 60 on high (it's not clear what format it uses to get those numbers) the player will also let you get in a bit of Game & Watch-level gameplay, apparently interacting to some extent with the music you're listening to. What's more, the device also includes a so-called "pleasure mode," which will let you simply sit back and watch as the tiny pixelated character dances or plays "in tune" with the music. If that's enough to sway ya, you'll soon be able to snag one of these for 7,140 Yen, or about $60.

[Via Impress]