SK-Pang's Gogic Five hobby bot

As much fun as the KHR-1HVs of the world are, not everybody is quite ready for that kind of commitment -- or that many servo motors to plug together. Enter the Gogic Five from SK-Pang, which features a more digestible 5 servo motors, but can still walk around, punch and kick with the best of them. The bot features an SD card slot for loading programs, and Gogic can play back audio from its memory slot as well -- we're sure Nabaztag/tag and Gogic would get along swimmingly. You can program the robot via Windows XP or Mac OS X, or use a general-purpose TV remote to control the bot. Unfortunately, with all his simplicity, Gogic Five still isn't exactly a steal: the kit will cost you 28,000 yen (about $239) when it debuts in late January. Pre-orders start December 15th.

[Via Impress]

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