Ultra Product's 8GB SDHC hits for $150

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Ok, you've seen plenty of 8GB SDHC cards right? And this one from Ultra Products is only class 2, SDHC's rock-bottom 2MB/sec data transfer rating. But get this, it's only $150, and it hails from good ol' Fletcher Ohio! Ok, it's likely OEM'd elsewhere, but Ultra's reselling it for just a Benj-and-a-half for 8 freakin' gigabytes of waffer-thin flash storage, about half that of same-spec'd cards already announced. Just remember, it's SDHC which means it will only work in the limited number of SDHC compliant devices currently available. You're also taking your chances with Vista's ReadyBoost smart caching -- ReadyBoost does support SD just as long you slot-in natively; external, USB 2.0 card readers are not supported. Already outed and on-line, so why not take a chance?
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