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Xerox's $177,000 dual-engine Nuvera printer

Darren Murph

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Sure, we've heard whispers of printers shooting out 170 (or 1,000) pages per minute, but realizable results from these uber-quick machines are sketchy to say the least. As a part of its tightly integrated parallel printing (TIPP) research, Xerox is getting set to unveil a "dual-engine Nuvera" that allows two print engines to work simultaneously in order to impress double the amount of documents than machines sporting a single engine. Reportedly based on the same ideology used in dual-core processors, the parallel printing technology can crank out "288 impressions per minute," and boasts the ability to automatically continue printing at half speed if one engine fails while in use. While it's unlikely that the average accountant or elementary school teacher would find value in dropping $177,000 on the twin-engine machine, we're sure there will be more than a few firms lined up to take delivery in Q2 2007 -- unless, of course, these (perpetually delayed) e-readers ever gain traction.

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