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G-Tech kicks out iPod-controlling Messenger Bags with integrated speaker

Darren Murph

'Tis the season for iPod controls on every piece of wearable kit possible? Apparently you stand a decent chance at being given some form of iPod-enabled clothing / gear this holiday season, as a swarm of manufacturers are jazzing up their apparel with built-in controls for Apple's cashcow. On deck is G-Tech's Messenger Bag, which sports your average selection of handy compartments in which to store your notebook, cellphone, PDA, or other portable gadget, as well as coming in black / chocolate brown colors. This knapsack boasts Eleksen's ElekTex smart fabric controls -- a "unique five-layer laminate of electrically conductive materials that transforms fabric into an electronic touchpad" -- to handle the play / pause, volume, and track operations of your dock-connected 'Pod. If that weren't geeky enough, the bag also sports an integrated speaker (no word on wattage) and a 3.5-millimeter "extension jack" in case removing your DAP from the snug confines of the Messenger Bag proves too time consuming. If Monster's iEZClick lacked that dual functionality you yearn for, G-Tech's shoulder bag / iPod boombox hybrid is available now for $129.

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