Cingular's Treo 750 announced, reviewed

Though the cover was blown, Palm fanatics everywhere still have reason to breathe a deep sigh of relief today as the Treo 750 has gone official for Cingular. The Windows Mobile Pocket PC handset is the first Palm device launched to leverage Cingular's 3G network -- and what's better, an upgrade to HSDPA is on the way. Specs include 128MB ROM / 64 MB RAM with miniSD expansion, Bluetooth (albeit 1.2), and that much-maligned square 240 x 240 display, all atop a 300MHz Samsung core. LAPTOP Magazine and Pocketnow both came away with similar impressions in their quick takes; Palm's latest entry isn't earth-shattering by any stretch of the imagination, but key enhancements to Windows Mobile 5's shortcomings (threaded messaging!) and 3G data should keep existing Treo users coming back for the upgrade. Look for the 750 in stores this week for $399 on a two-year contract, with online availability rolling in later this month.

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