i-mate K-JAR gets some FCC love

Without 3G, we're still not excited about it, but the i-mate K-JAR's four bands of GSM / GPRS coverage count for something, we reckon. The FCC apparently agrees, giving it its wholehearted stamp of approval -- and as is so often the case with our federal friends, the approval comes complete with a full spread of glamor shots and a user's manual. Though the K-JAR's form factor smacks of the JASJAR (alias HTC Universal) before it, the screen resolution takes a sizable dip from VGA all the way down to QVGA, nixing one of the JASJAR's greatest claims to fame. Still, a swivel display is pretty cool, and if you want to send one over to us, i-mate, well... we're not going to put up a fight about it.