Aipotek's ultra-slim VoIP phone

While its practicality for extended chatting sessions may be in question, Aipotek's latest VoIP phone here should fit in nicely with your other barely-able-to-hold-onto gadgets, measuring just 7.5 mm thick and less than an inch-and-a-half wide. Aipotek also looks to be doing its best to keep up with latest gadget style trends, decking the phone out with a fingerprint-ready glossy black finish on the face and the ever-popular brushed metal on the backside. Otherwise, the handset is about as standard as VoIP phones get, with full support with Skype, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger, as well as compatibility with both Macs and PCs. You'll have to make do with a pair of LEDs instead of a full-on display, however, as well as put up with being tied to your desktop or laptop, although that USB cable should at least help to keep you from losing it. If that sounds like the phone for you, you can snag one now for $39.

[Via USB Geek]