Rumors: EMI may sell (more) unprotected MP3s

EMI, home to Cold Play, the Rolling Stones, and the Beastie Boys, has experimented before with DRM-free MP3. They've released DRM-less singles by Norah Jones, Lily Allen and Relient K. According to a Forbes report, EMI spokeswoman Jeanne Meyer said "The results of those experiments were very positive, and the fan feedback has been very enthusiastic."

Now EMI is looking to take the next step. An unnamed Forbes source says that EMI has solicited proposals from their retailers to tell the company how they would offer DRM-free MP3s. The retailers would offer large advances in exchange for the right to sell MP3s. EMI will weigh whether to continue forward with the scheme based on the size of the offers, and the Forbes source said a decision from EMI about going forward with the scheme could be made quickly.

Are the dams breaking? Or is this just more hopeful rumors in the wake of Steve Job's recent open letter? Only time will tell.