USB missle control tank ups office arsenal

USB circus cannons and stationary missilelaunchers are one thing, but if you really want to intimidate your co-workers (and, quite likely, get fired) you'll need to let one of these bad boys loose to roam the cubicles. While it's not completely USB-powered, plugging the tank's controller into your PC will cut down on the need for some batteries, as well as increase the number of control options (and hacking potential) at your disposal, letting you point and click your way to your desired target. The tank is also apparently no slouch when it comes to navigating hazardous terrain, able to climb a 30 degree slope and traverse rough roads (i.e. carpet), all while simultaneously being able to aim its on-board missile launcher and deliver a "precise missile strike" at targets up to 20 feet away. Naturally, it also comes equipped with a full compliment of sound effects, though we somehow suspect that won't stop you form supplying your own. At $80 plus $40 for shipping and handling, the price may be a tad exorbitant, but the sight of the tank doing its thing in the video after the break almost makes it seem worth it.