Navigon 3100 and 3110 GPS units go mini

Boy does this one look familiar: Navigon is ripping off itself quite expertly with the new 3.5-inch 3100 / 3110 GPS units, which cop the TS 7000T's style without that 4.3-inches of screen real estate. Under the hood things are pretty much the same, other than a missing RDS/TMS traffic info receiver. Otherwise you're looking at a QVGA screen, 400MHz Samsung processor, SD card slot and Navigon MobileNavigator 6 software, all running on Windows CE 5. No word, but that OS usually means there's a bit of media functionality kicking around here somewhere. The device measures 0.9-inches thick and comes in two configurations: the 3100 which includes only regional maps on a 512MB card, while the 3110 does up 37 European countries on a 2 gigger. The devices will be out in April for 249€ ($324) and 329€ ($428) respectively, and for an added fee you can add in speed trap and camera location data -- the Swiss will not be pleased.